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At Avenger! Fitness, you can access many tools to set you on the right track to achieve your health, fitness and performance goals. Online health coaching, online nutrition planning, customized workouts and personal training (Houston area), are services that you can utilize through Avenger! Fitness.

Customized Workouts
For as little $15 a workout, you can have a customized workout sent to your email, accessible by your smart phone, that you can take to the gym with you. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Schedule your consultation today by email at avenger2of5@yahoo.com.

Nutrition Planning
How often have you thought, “If someone could just write down what I need to eat and what I need to buy, I could change my diet”? Well, now it’s a reality. For $45, you can get a detailed 7 day nutrition plan, complete with shopping list, catered to your dietary needs. Email me today at avenger2of5@yhoo.com to find out more!

Personal Training
Are you in the Houston area? If so, we can schedule personal training sessions at your home, gym, or public park and get you on the path to Avenging your fitness. Email me at avenger2of5@yahoo.com

Health Coaching
Sometimes we need a little push, a little accountability, and an ally on our paths to achieving our greatest goals. A lifestyle change or a big goal is a complex experience that can benefit from a little help figuring out how to get there. As a health coach, I can assist you in overcoming the mental obstacles that have held you back from achieving your health and fitness goals. I am your cheering section and your accountability partner in finally fulfilling your goals. I will help you be The Avenger! of your fitness. Email me at avenger2of5@yahoo.com for more information.

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