Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

I get it, your new diet sucks.  You’ve been eating Kale and quinoa for a week and that image of you on the beach rocking an awesome bod was abandoned on day two when after 48 hours of clean living, you still hadn’t reached your goal weight.

Eat Or Diet Directions On A Metal Signpost

Eat Or Diet Directions On A Metal Signpost

There’s no need to get all realistic about expectations and results.  We want results for our sacrifices.  We want rewards!  Ok, then go have a cheat meal.  Yes, I Stephanie The Avenger!, certified personal trainer and health coach, do hereby grant you permission to go eat crap.  Well, go.  I’ll wait…

Now that you have flooded your brain with carbs, perhaps you can focus.  Cheating is a good thing!  I believe in cheating so hard that it takes you a whole week to get over it and want to eat like that again.  This is all assuming you are eating well the in between times and exercising.

Here’s a truth bomb for you:  losing weight is hard, maintaining weight is easy.

What does that mean?  It means you will have to make some sacrifices to get to your goal weight and aesthetic, and it takes a lot of self-discipline.  But, once you get there, as long as you continue to workout and eat well 75% of the time, you can be the biggest cheater, cheater, pumpkin bread eater out there (I mean, who eats pumpkin unless it’s laden with sugar and flour?)

You have to do the work to get there though, and along the way, cheat once or twice a week. If you fall off the wagon and a cheat day becomes a cheat week, who cares?  Start over.  Those who achieve anything worth having are the ones who don’t give up, even when they mess up.  They shake it off and start again.  The important thing is to keep trying.  Eventually you will see that to make progress, you have to make progress.

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