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Stephanie The Avenger!


So you want to lose weight.

You repin fitness pics and healthy meals on Pinterst and wait for the motivation to finally go after the “look” you’ve always wanted.

You can see yourself rocking a two piece with supreme confidence and absolute fantasticness. Your friends mention to each other about how amazing you look.  They’re jealous because you have a rocking bod that they’re still only pinning on their fitness boards.

How did she do it?  They’ll wonder.

That’s when you refer them to me, because together, we came up with a plan to change your life, then you went out and executed it.

You had nutrition plans, personalized online workouts sent right to your phone, and 24 hour access to a partner to help you stay on track.

You learned to think like an athlete that gets strong in the off season, so they’ll be at peak performance in season. So, you worked all winter so you could take the kids to the pool or the beach, without wearing a wrap in the summer.

You had a coach that helped you do what you were always capable of doing.  You had Avenger! Fitness on your side.

Check out the “services” tab and email me today to get started, so other women will be posting your pictures on their fitness boards as inspiration.



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